Parents and Guardians

An adult working with children who are reading

As a parent, you are your child’s most fervent supporter. You have a vital role in his or her academic success. Research shows what weall already know: No one makes more of an impact in children’s lives than their close adult relatives. Your level of education, physical abilities or language abilities makes no difference in whether or not your child succeeds in school. You make a difference simply by being part of your child’s everyday school experience.

Be involved! Children do better in school when parents and guardians are involved. Attend your child’s school events, join the parent/guardian groups, keep up with grades and assignments, and visit your school’s Web site. Contact the school for additional information about your child’s academic progress and the tests they are taking. Remind your children about how important their work at school is and how interested you are in what they are doing. Talk with them everyday about:

  • What they did at school?
  • What homework and assignments must be finished for the next day?
  • What needs to be done on a future project?