Applying to Graduate School

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Applying to graduate school can be a complicated and time consuming process so it's best to start early—it will increase your odds of being admitted. Many graduate programs have rolling admissions, which means applications are evaluated once they arrive (rather than all at once after the final deadline).

Planning for graduate school involves deciding what to study, finding the right school fit, applying to competitive programs and providing all required documentation such test scores of the GMAT, LSAT, CPA, GRE. Keep in mind that the typical graduate admissions process can take as long as six to nine months.  To help you prepare, here are a few tips for completing your application: 

  1. Know The Reason for Applying: Before starting your grad school application, spend some time thinking about exactly why you’re applying.  This may include your passion for the subject and desire for academic challenge, as well as how you hope to benefit from the degree in the short or long term.
  2. Follow directions: Not following directions raises questions about the student’s preparedness to be successful in graduate school. Follow all directions as requested.
  3. Allow enough time: At minimum, take three weeks to gather and compile all of the required material. Then check and recheck to make sure all documentation have been collected.
  4. Relax and Be Yourself: The graduate or business school application process is a major learning experience, and often you will learn as they go. Staying positive and maintaining calm allows the applicant to be reflective and thoughtful. Keep in mind, embellishing all or part of your application will not help. Presenting yourself in a genuine and honest way is the most important aspect of your graduate application process.
  5. Learn From Any Rejections: Finally, if your application is unsuccessful, take the opportunity to learn from this – especially if you intend to re-apply or apply to a different graduate school.