Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Interviewing Skills

To deliver a successful interview, you must consider everything that goes into an interview. Your success isn't just measured by how the interview questions are answer. Employers consider your answers, your non-verbal communication and how you are dressed.

Interviewing Guides

Institutional and State Career Service  Centers developed and/or provide “Interviewing Guides”  to help you prepare for job interviews and impress potential employers. The guides include how to prepare, how to make small talk and maintain a conversational flow, commonly asked questions, questions you should (and shouldn't) ask during an interview, a handy checklist and more.

Schedule a Practice Interview

After you have done your research, schedule a practice interview at a career center to help you practice what you've learned. Advisors and/or Specialists can help you prepare by discussing additional 
interviewing strategies and tips with you.

More Resources

These external Web sites provide additional information about interviewing for a job.