Money for College - Veterans



Men and women who serve in the United States military, regardless of branch, may be eligible for enough tuition assistance and scholarships to pay for an entire degree – from an Associate’s Degree, to a Bachelor’s Degree, and even up to and including a Master’s Degree. The important thing is knowing where to look. Here are some common programs and scholarships for you to take advantage of.

GI Bill®

The GI Bill® can be used by both active duty and veterans. Active duty personnel may use the GI Bill®  for classes that cost more than the military’s tuition assistance will allow. Veterans and civilians may use the GI Bill®  to cover tuition costs at any accredited college. Depending on which version of the GI Bill® you are eligible for, you may be eligible for a monthly stipend of over $1,200 per month, or eligible to receive your entire tuition covered up to the highest tuition of any state university in your state of residence. Here is more information about the GI Bill.



Upromise is a free program that allows you to automatically save money for college. To use Upromise you link credit cards and grocery store rewards cards to your Upromise account. When you buy certain items, small deposits are automatically made to your Upromise account. This makes saving for college both free and easy. Set it up once and forget about it. That is, until you need the money for college. Find more information about participating stores. You can sign up for Upromise free through this link – Upromise sign up form.

Institutional Grants

Online education programs and military friendly schools. Many online education programs offer favorable tuition and expenses, and some schools offer military members special deals. Here are some websites that offer information for various college education programs:

Military Grants

Eligibility requirements for military grants can vary to some degree. However, the most common eligibility requirement is the applicant’s veterans status or relationship to a veteran. Some need based grants will require that you qualify for certain federal benefits, such as GI Bill®, to be eligible for the grant program, and most will require you to complete the FAFSA.